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CRM For Small Businesses

Are you worried about your marketing campaigns? Do you want to track all your marketing campaigns? If yes, then we have a robust CRM system for you. This CRM will allow you to run different marketing campaigns directly from the system. You can get easy track of your successful campaigns. If you are willing to create multiple campaigns, then this system will allow you to do so with ease. You can automate your messages and replies to the customers.

Advantages of CRM

Safe Storage

The first benefit of using a CRM is that it helps businesses to store their client information safely. The database can be accessed from multiple locations at any time to update any activity or to schedule any plan for the business.

Automatic Activity Report

With the help of CRM system, you can generate your monthly or weekly activity report for the company. The whole process of generating activity report is automated and within seconds you can share the report with all the sales teams of your company.

Identify Customer Needs

The last but not the least advantage of using CRM system is that you can easily identify what your customers really want. Because you will have all data regarding customers in the database, then identifying the actual demands of customers and their problems become easy.

So, what are you waiting for? Start using a CRM and start increasing your profit margins effectively.


What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is referred to as the system designed to manage your business interaction with customers. It is also used to store potential customer’s data for the purpose of automated sales and marketing. This system allows businessesto gather information in a centralized database which can be accessed by any department of the business with ease.

Can I Customize the CRM?

Yes, you can customize CRM system according to the needs of your business. It is a simple system which can get tweaked as per your demands easily. You can add additional data fields in tables along with removal of the unwanted ones. All this can be done by drag and drop.

What is Sales Force Automation?

It is a software application designed especially for people of sales to help them in their sales process. It is included in the CRM system which will track record of all stages and activities performed in the whole sales process. The track may include emails, phone contacts and meetings.

Can I Use CRM on a Smartphone?

Yes, It is mobile friendly and can be used on any smartphone without any issue. The system will adjust according to your smartphone once you reached our system in your smartphone.

What are the technical requirements for the CRM?

The CRM  is an easy to use online system. It doesn’t require any technical information or training. All you need is internet and browser to start using CRM system.

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