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Email Marketing For Small Businesses

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most conventional ways of digital marketing. Even though you find promotional emails irritating, they work up to a great extent and offer high Return on Investment. If they didn’t, why would business giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft send emails to their customers on a regular basis? You get the drift, right?

There are several reasons why using Email Marketing for your Marketing campaigns is an excellent option.
Here are some of the critical reasons why you should choose Email Marketing for your Business.

Email Marketing is the easiest of all forms of digital marketing.

You don’t need a large team or a vast knowledge of technology to be successful. You can single-handedly manage your Email Marketing campaigns with a little information regarding Email Marketing.

Easy to Track

Most of the Email Marketing softwares allow you to track the Open Rate, Click-through Rate, and Conversion Rate so that you can see where you’re going wrong. You can analyze the stats and improve your campaigns accordingly.

Less Expensive

Email Marketing costs lower than other marketing mediums like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

Instantaneous Results

Once you’ve sent an email to your subscriber, unlike printed advertisements or Digital Ads like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, it is delivered right into their inbox almost instantaneously. You can take advantage of this immediacy of emails by creating a One-day sale marketing ploy. Doing so creates a sense of urgency and compels the user to take action immediately.

Higher Return On Investments (ROI)

Email Marketing provides the highest ROI of all. Interestingly, in 2018, for every $1 spent on Email Marketing, the ROI was almost $38.


How do I grow my Email List?

You can grow your email list by creating different offers for your visitors. You can build an e-book related to your business or service and provoke visitors to provide their email address if they are interested in accessing your book. You can also use subscription forms to grow your list.

What is the best time to send an email?

The best time to send an email varies according to your email list. The opening rates and click through rates can give an idea about the best time for sending email to your list. According to a survey, the morning time and weekends are the best times to send an email.

How often can I send email to my subscribers?

Sending emails in excess can irritate the subscribers. There should be a limit of sending email to them. The best practice is to send an email every day in the start. Then after two days and then once a week. In this way, the subscribers will stay engaged and won’t get irritated.

What metrics should I track?

There are two critical metrics in email marketing you should keep track of

  1. Open Rate
  2. Click-through Rate

What is the ideal length of my subject line?

The ‘Subject’ line of an email is limited to 50 characters. However, the perfect length for the subject line is between 30-40 characters. The emails having ideal character length have the highest click-through rates.

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