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Facebook Ads For Small Businesses

In past years, the use of social media is increased. With the increase in usage of social media, the marketers invest in online marketing to market their products and services on the internet. According to a study report, almost 96% marketers consider Facebook Ads as their first priority to advertise their products or services. You can start advertising through Facebook ads. Your Next Door Marketing Guy! Facebook ads services can be used for effective Facebook advertisement.


There are many reasons why to invest your money in Facebook Advertisement. The major benefit is that you can start advertising your business in few dollars. This ad network provides countless customization options including control over the ads. The second benefit of using Facebook Ads is that it is connected with Instagram Ads. So, by using one campaign you can connect to both networks audience at the same time.


Many visitors who visit your site are not always there to buy your product or services. They just visit the site and move forward. After some time, they forget about your ad, so you should plan something to let them re think about their visit to your website or landing page. For this purpose, you can use Facebook Retargeting ads. These ads are great way to bring back your old visitors and convert them into clients.


There are the following tips which you can use for Facebook retargeting.

Remind Your Visitors

The first tip is to remind your visitors about their last visit of your website or page. At that time, they might not get interested due to any reason. But you can remind them. Here is the procedure how to remind them.

Step 1 – Reach People

The first step is to find out that people visit your webpage from smartphones and not buy your products yet. Then try reaching them by retargeting ads on desktop only.

Step 2 – Catch Attention

Study reveals that people attract more to ads which they have seen already rather than new ones. This can be done by using feature in Facebook Ads which is called “Dynamic Retargeting Ads”. This feature will help you to show your products to people who have already visited your ads. In this way, you will get maximum output.

Step 3 – Give Reason To Return

The next step is to give your visitors reason to return. To win these visitors and convert them into customers, you can give them exciting deals. The limited time offers and discounts can act as a great deal for your business. The discounts offered or lower prices can attract them to buy. However, you can offer them free shipping or a gift hamper on the purchase. These are the all strategies you can apply to avail new customers for your business.


Does Facebook Advertising Work?

Yes, absolutely! That’s why almost 3 million business owners are using Facebook Ads for their products/services marketing. This can be valuable if it’s done in accurate manner. Your Next Door Marketing Guy! is the best platform to advertise on Facebook.

Where to find Facebook advertising tips?

Your Next Door Marketing Guy! is the best platform to find tips and tricks about using Facebook Ads. However, you can avail services to perform better and outrank the competitors.

How much is the cost of Facebook advertisement?

The cost varies according to the requirements and your will to invest in Facebook Ads. For more information, you can consult Your Next Door Marketing Guy! support team.

For B2B, Are Facebook ads useful?

Yes, ads can be used for B2B targeting different stages include leads generation etc.

Do I need Facebook page for advertisement?

Yes, Facebook page is necessary for advertising your business through Facebook Ads. The process of creating Facebook page is simple and easy. You can create Facebook page for free.

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